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Explore the Challenge 
2 days. 50 kilometers. Connect to End MS.

The Walk Will Challenge You,
The Experience Will Change You.

Once in a great while, a challenge calls that you simply must answer.

Capital Challenge Walk MS is an endurance challenge hosted by the National MS Society. The event will raise funds to end multiple sclerosis (MS), increase public awareness of the disease, and promote health and fitness. The Challenge Walk is expected to host several hundred walkers and volunteers and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local chapter programs and services, as well as national research initiatives. We'll be there with you every step of the way during this life-changing journey.

Explore the Challenge

Not ready to register just yet? Asking yourself questions like: could you walk 50 kilometers in 2 days to help end MS? Explore the Challenge and find out if you have what it takes. Talk face to face with Society staff and other walkers. Start building the unique connections that grow with each training walk, leading to ultimately conquering the Challenge itself. Go to Explore the Challenge to find out.

Every Mile

Every mile you walk means more dollars to help those facing daily challenges of living with MS. A minimum fundraising goal of $1,500 will need to be submitted before September 20 to be able to walk that weekend; however we’ll be with you every step of the way, with fundraising tools, training schedules, group support and much more. Plus, with our powerful online fundraising tools, we’ve made it easier than ever for your friends and family to contribute to your Walk. Learn where the money goes.

Connect to end MS: Start a Team

Share your Challenge Walk MS experience by starting a team. Any group of four of more people can form a team, and there are plenty of places to find members, friends, family, your company or your community.


Challenge Walk MS is a fully supported event. You train and fundraise, with our help every step of the way, and we’ll take care of you on the event.

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