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Team Challenge 2010 Logo

Each year, Challenge Walk MS teams are challenged to make a special effort to recruit, fundraise, and simply have an amazing time while earning great team prizes. From July 19-30, 2010, Challenge Walk MS teams donned their top hats, hopped into their race cars, and rolled past GO on a massive push to monopolize their team's efforts towards a cure for multiple sclerosis!   

 Announcing the WINNERS of the 5th Annual
Capital Challenge Walk MS Team Challenge:


Team Name

Final Score

MS is BS

51 points

Snappy Feet

44 points

Team Jenny

38 points

Team Heinen

20 points

Jacki's Determined Soles

15 points

Bink's Bodyguards

14 points

Team Sky Big

13 points

Team Noni

9 points


8 points


8 points

Team Women Into Sole Power

6 points

MonSter Slayers

5 points

The Robert D Jensen "Great Dane" Team

5 points

Willie's Walkers

5 points

Team MS Fits

4 points

Tracey's Trailblazers

4 points

Fox Trotters

3 points

Hearts & Soles

3 points

A Walk to Remember

2 points

Mike's Mushers

2 points

St. Tim's STRIDES for MS

2 points

Swift Steppin' Sissons

2 points


1 point

Mow Cow MS Crew

1 point

Our Dogs Rule

1 point

Pro Vita

1 point


1 point

Team Greykell

1 point

Third Wednesdays

1 point

Tiki Treckers - Marching for Mom

1 point

Willing Wanderers

1 point

Wanna skip right to the prizes? CLICK HERE!

2010 CWMS Team Captain Logo

 The Challenges:

2010 CWMS Team Challenge NY Ave

   2010 CWMS Team Challenge Water Works               2010 CWMS Team Challenge Electric Company         2010 CWMS Team Challenge Chairman

  • Win a Water Works point for each team member who has raised $750 or more by the end of Team Challenge. (Unlimited quantity)
  • Win an Electric Company point for each team member who updates his or her personal webpage by the end of Team Challenge. (Maximum 4 per team)
  • Win a Chairman of the Board point for every $100 you or your team raises online during Team Challenge. (Unlimited quantity)
  • Win a New York Avenue bonus point by completing the three challenges listed above!

2010 CWMS Team Challenge TN Ave

 2010 CWMS Team Challenge SL RR   2010 CWMS Team Challenge BO RR     2010 CWMS Team Challenge PA RR     2010 CWMS Team Challenge Reading RR

  • Win a Short Line Railroad point by gathering 4 or more registered fundraising team members and becoming an official team by the end of Team Challenge. (Maximum 1)
  • Win a B & O Railroad point for each fundraising team member (walker or Super Crew) you recruit and register during the Team Challenge. (Unlimited quantity)
  • Win a Pennsylvania Railroad point for each crew member you recruit and register during the Team Challenge. (Maximum 3)
  • Win a Reading Railroad point for each volunteer who register on your team during the Team Challenge. (Maximum 3)
  • Win a Tennessee Avenue bonus point by completing the four challenges listed above!

2010 CWMS Team Challenge SJP

2010 CWMS Team Challenge Race Car          2010 CWMS Team Challenge Top Hat          2010 CWMS Team Challenge Iron

  • Win a Race Car point for each team member that becomes a follower of the Challenge Walk MS blog. This page can be found at For further directions or to notify us that you've become a fan, email us at (Unlimited quantity)
  • Win a Top Hat point for each fundraising event or training walk you submit to the Challenge Walk MS calendar, located off of hte main Challenge Walk site, Send your events to and we'll post them for you! (Maximum 2)
  • Win an Iron point for every team member who sends in a picture wearing a National MS Society or Team t-shirt on a training walk. (Maximum 1)
    • BONUS CHALLENGE: Take a picture dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags and you'll be handsomely rewarded with a bonus!
  • Win a St. James Place bonus point by completing the three challenges listed above! 

Hold every orange property on the Monopoly board to master Team Challenge and make an incredible difference in the efforts to find a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Each member of our Top Three Teams will win a free bowl of noodles from Noodles & Company—perfect for a pre-Challenge Walk carbo-load! In addition to this gift certificate, the top three teams are eligible for the following prizes:

First Place

Celebrate your team's incredible efforts by treating them with a free cake from Cake Love in Arlington, Virginia and $40 of delicious BBQ from Famous Dave's! 

Second Place

Your entire team will be invited to enjoy ice cream treats on Saturday night during Challenge Walk, and you'll be packing in style with a Vera Bradley overnight bag! 

Third Place

Start off on the right foot with a team bagel breakfast on the Saturday morning of Challenge Walk, and you'll get a Vera Bradley overnight bag to show off that night! 


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