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In Your Words

We are all here for the same purpose, to help move closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis. However, we each have a different reason for caring about this cause, a different motivation for being a part of this incredible event.

On this page are some of the different reasons you have given us for why you chose to accept the challenge and participate in the Capital Challenge Walk MS. Tell us why you accepted the challenge!

Why I accepted the Challenge:


  "My sister Maria was recently diagnosed with MS, and my friend Cathy has been dealing with it for over a decade. I know so many people whose family members and friends are living with MS, so I want to do my part to raise awareness and also some bucks." -Dody Riggs
"I walk with a limp. I used to allow my difference to limit me and my disability define what I could and could not do. I walk to prove to myself and others that disability doesn't define us and we can achieve more than the world can imagine!" -Michelle "I am supporting my friend Tracy Phipps, an amazing friend, mother and individual. I am humbled by her strength, courage and determination to live a full life for her children and herself. Go Tracy!!! May we find a cure soon!"
I accepted the challenge to walk simply because I can!I have had MS for about 10 years & always want to remain ambulatory!!!" -Caren Shoop "My Grandpa Charlie had MS. I have MS. It needs to stop here. That's why this is my 10th year walking." -Kathy F.
"My sister was diagnosed more than 25 years ago. We walk to celebrate her and to raise money to help her keep fighting for a cure. But also, we walk because this event, these people, are like family to us, now. They give us all hope!: - Erin, TEAM JENNY "I walk for my daughter Lexi and all who suffer from MS. The Challenge for us goes on 24/7, but we have taken it on with three teams, Walk MS, Bike MS and Challenge Walk MS. We have walked Challenge Walk for the last three years. Please donate to team MS is BS." - Laura 
 "I walk so that my children and grandchildren may never have to endure the effects of MS. What we do today is in hopes of a better tomorrow." - Kim "Mom has had MS since 1974, as near as we can tell. Challenge Walk has given me the opportunity to do something special to honor her and I have met some fabulous people in the process. Looks like we all win!" -Peter Lamberton

 "I am walking in honor of my brave brother, who has fought this disease since the fall of 1999.I have so much love and admiration for Sean, as he has faced each challenge with positive energy. I am proud to call him my brother and "earth angel."
-Taisha S. 

"The first time I walked in a Challenge Walk... I didn't think I could do it, but I could and I did. Now that I know I can do it in spite of my MS, I walk for all my other friends who cannot walk because of theirs." -Kathy MacKintosh

" We are walking for our cousin, Margaret, because we care and we can."
-Lois, Steve & Ed

"I walk for my best friend Sabrina, who is the strongest person I know, in spite of her MS. I walk in honor of her inspiriation, and for all those who cannot walk."

"I walk because It allows me to do something for a very special friend and coworker that can't. She has been a great source of kindness and support as my family endured a crisis. This is a way of showing our gratitude." -Beth

"I am walking because after 10 years fighting this disease, I STILL CAN! So I'm walking for those who aren't so lucky as I am. And I'm walking so that the scientists can keep developing medicines for us till they find a cure. It's just a matter of time."

 "I walk with my Ohana: my family and friends because we are family and no one gets left behind!"

"I will walk for Sherri, who was diagnosed about 6 years ago. She is my dearest friend and I do this for love of her and for a cure." -Willette Balsamo



Tell us why you accepted the challenge!
Share your motivation, whether its to honor or support a particular individual living with MS who has inspired you to participate, for yourself, or just a general desire to get in shape or make the world a better place.  

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